Will it work or will it not…. we shall see.

Many, many parents complain that their children (no matter what age) are fussy eaters. Fussiness with eating can range dramatically for each individual child, from not eating certain veggies, to being so fussy they barely eat anything you cook. Obviously I’m no professional on this subject, in no way do I class myself as aContinue reading “Will it work or will it not…. we shall see.”

My spiritual journey

Something that’s been on my mind a lot this year is my spirituality. I feel I’ve always been quite a deep spirited person, but I’ve never really delved much into it. When the topic of spirituality comes up amongst conversation, some people may think of pastors/priests, monks, mediums and psychics and maybe people from differentContinue reading “My spiritual journey”

Less mess is best as they say 😂

This is the tidiest my living room floor has ever been since having my daughter. She got said puzzle out, we put it together, then she decided to pull it apart and leave it strewn across the floor, never to be touch again. (Until mummy tidies it up of course). Picture highlights *smashed puzzle boxContinue reading “Less mess is best as they say 😂”