Will it work or will it not…. we shall see.

Many, many parents complain that their children (no matter what age) are fussy eaters.

Fussiness with eating can range dramatically for each individual child, from not eating certain veggies, to being so fussy they barely eat anything you cook. Obviously I’m no professional on this subject, in no way do I class myself as a know-it-all, I just go off personal experiences, what I’ve read maybe and what family and friends who also have fussy children have told me.

The reason for this post is because I’ve resorted to trying this…..

I saw a post about this particular book on one of my social media accounts and there were hundreds of comments from fellow mummies. They couldn’t praise this book enough. Their children ranging roughly from my daughters age of 2, right up until 12 ish. There were only a couple of parents this book unfortunately didn’t work for.

Of course nothing works miracles, or over night. Everything takes perseverance and a lot of effort, which I’m so prepared to do if it means getting my daughter to eat.

I remember back when she was a baby, when I started weaning her, she was always eating amazingly. I’m a mum who refuses to serve anything different from us for her, as I prefer her to eat whole hearted, fresh and healthy meals, that are home cooked, instead of constantly eating shit like chicken nuggets, waffles etc. (Not that that’s a bad thing and I’m never one to judge), I’m fine with her having them now and then, but prefer her to eat with us, so she gets all the nutrients and goodness from a home cooked meal.

So when I was weaning her, as I said she was brilliant. She ate anything and everything I gave her, including home made shepherds pie that was packed with veggies, it was one of her absolute favourites, just like ours.

For some reason, now she’s 2-5 years old, everything’s gone so downhill. She will barely eat anything I give her dinner time and the majority of the time I cave in to what she wants, just to make sure she doesn’t go to bed on an empty belly. This can be anything from fruit, yoghurts or even a bowl of cereal or some toast. Just something in her tummy.

However, once seeing the post on this book, I had a good think to myself and concluded that enough is enough. She’ll be 3 in August and is so fussy. I worry every day. So I took it upon myself to order this just give it a shot.

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to read it properly as of yet, due to not having 5 minutes peace LOL, but, my darling little cherub is back to school on Monday, so I’ll definitely be making a start then.

Hopefully given time and being back into a routine, things will get better and she’ll start to eat a lot more and become less fussy.

I’ll definitely be keeping everyone updated. For anyone wanting to also try this book, I ordered it from amazing for roughly £6. I would love to know whether you’re going to try it too/have already tried it, or whether you’ve been through a similar/same situation and I’ve any tips or tricks that actually worked. I would love to hear from you.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, take care and stay safe xo

Better days are coming!

The sun has got his hat on, Hip, hip, hip, hooray! The sun has got his hat on and… He’s coming out to play…. YAY!

That’s the first song/nursery rhyme that has always come straight to mind when seeing the sunshine. For the last couple of days we’ve had the most beautiful blue skies and sunshine (still quite chilly out) but for a change it’s not been dark, gloomy, dull and/or absolutely pissing it down with rain. HALLELUJAH!

I’ve been teaching my daughter the song above and she seems to really enjoy it. It brings a massive smile to her face. No matter what the weathers like outside, she always says “mummy, it’s a sunny day today”, even if it was a blizzard outside, it would be a sunny day to her lol.

For me, that bit of sunshine, the brightness, freshness and the rays that find themselves beaming through my windows, give me more of a positive mood and make me feel more motivated.

Everyday has literally just felt like one massive drag. To the point of waking up to the point of going to bed, has been the same thing day in day out.

Not doing anything new, seeing the same awful shit storm outside and just wanting to spend every minute of every day either curled on the sofa daydreaming or in bed (obviously I can’t do). But not having the energy or the eagerness to do more with my daughter, even though she occupies herself and spends most of the day running around getting every toy out that she has, it would feel so much better to make more of a day with her.

Anyhow, before I end up waffling on, the reason I’m writing this is because I really feel hopeful that better days are definitely coming. The thought of Bo-Jo putting things back to normal, opening everything up and lifting lockdown completely in a few months, is beyond exciting.

The thought of bringing my second baby into the world in the summer, not worrying about family not being about to meet him/her and actually being able to go out and enjoy every day. Taking my daughter to do different things when she’s not at preschool. Get back into our little routine that we had pre lockdown, have less stress, become more positive everyday and just basically enjoy life again.

Maybe the start of our beautiful looking weather that we’ve finally started to get this month, is really the start of better days ahead and all our lives finally getting back to normal.

Finally getting to see family and friends, summer bbq’s, days out, back to routine, normality, not taking anything for granted. Here’s to the summer and the hope that our dreams really will come true in a few months time.

I hope everyone reading this is well and doing ok! As always take care and stay safe. Feel free to email for any reason whatsoever. Have a beautiful day xo

You’re doing amazing

Another early morning, another busy day. Off to see the midwife today.

Just wanted to come and say good morning to everyone or good afternoon/evening, depending where you are in the world.

Also to say that although being a mummy or daddy can be really challenging sometimes, you are doing amazing.

We all have bad days and I know they can sometimes outweigh the good, but the love we have for our babies and the good days that come, make all the struggles and emotions so worth it.

Here’s to another day, be it bad or good, we can do this, we’re strong, we’re amazing and no matter what we’re always number one to our children.

I hope reading this lifts a mood or two this morning.

I hope you all have an amazing day, take care and stay safe xo

Music to my ears

Yesterday was such an uplifting day.

I had an appointment booked in to see a consultant about my pregnancy due to being high risk.

I was getting myself slightly worked up about it all week and yesterday my anxiety was climbing. After waiting what seemed like forever to be seen because they called me in 25 minutes late, I went into the consultants room with her and took a seat. It couldn’t have gone better.

She was so lovely and understanding, it felt like we were 2 friends having a chat.

Once all the questions were out the way and dealt with ‘family history’, ‘previous pregnancies’ etc, she finished writing my notes down in my book and said “you’re notes are all done, I’ll go get the Doppler so we can listen to babies heart beat and then you can go.” I was over the moon.

It was so unexpected, as I only thought you could have the option to listen to the heart beat at either an ultra sound scan or a midwife appointment. Both of which I listened to my daughters heart beat back in 2018.

Anyhow, I laid on the bed, phone ready in my hand. (I recorded the sound of the heartbeat on my phone, just like I did with my daughters), that way I get to listen whenever I want and also it’s lovely to be able to send the file to family members so they can listen.

It didn’t take the Doppler long to pick up babies heartbeat and I laid there listening, never wanting to stop. My face was aching from the constant smile I had on my face.

It really is music to my ears.

I walked out of the hospital once we were done, feeling so elated and uplifted and because it was such a beautiful day also, the sun felt amazing. So energising and warm on my skin.

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday and have an even better one today.

Take care and stay safe xo

My spiritual journey

Something that’s been on my mind a lot this year is my spirituality. I feel I’ve always been quite a deep spirited person, but I’ve never really delved much into it.

When the topic of spirituality comes up amongst conversation, some people may think of pastors/priests, monks, mediums and psychics and maybe people from different religious backgrounds. There’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever, just like there are many many people whom are skeptics and have no regard for anything spiritual, godly, or supernatural and would rather try and find a logical explanation to any weird goings on in order to explain what happened/is happening.

For me personally, I think spirituality can really define someone individually. Their thought process and ways of thinking, understanding more of every day life, having a sense of balance, becoming more accepting maybe and in tune with oneself/nature. There are so many different things that can characterise a person.

I think the reason for me writing this post is as I said above I feel I’ve always been quite a deep spirited person, but I’ve never delved much into it. I want to use this post as a marker for starting my own spiritual journey. I want to become more understanding of not just myself but my life and the direction it’s going in, become stronger willed and more clear headed. Receive closure (hopefully), but that one may not be possible. Become accepting of who I am and what’s happened in the past, also stop living in the past and try to cut out the constant thoughts of ‘what ifs, why’s, hows and what about if I’d have done that instead’. I really want to try and find my true self, really start enjoying everyday without stressing or worrying so much.

Really get on top of my depression and put a lid on my anxiety. I want to feel uplifted, and really enjoy every day, no matter what happens.

Has anyone else started a spiritual journey or is anyone just very spiritual? I’d love to know and connect with you.

I hope you all have an amazing Monday, take care and stay safe xo

Easy like Sunday morning…

Miracles do happen 😂 my daughter decided to sleep in later this morning and let mummy and daddy have a lay in until 7:45, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world!

Still not exactly the smoothest of mornings. Dear daughter wanted a chocolate bar, of which we have 0 because daddy decided to eat them all. Cue breakdown for however long….. now she’s standing on her chair in the kitchen, watching her tablet and finishing off a box of Mint Matchmakers. She’s happy and so it gives me 5 minutes quiet time to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. She still always has something proper for breakfast, so that’s why I allow her a snack now and then.

Sunday’s I always feel less motivated to do anything, however I will be getting my arse in gear today. We’re visiting my dad today (obviously social distanced). I haven’t seen him in so long and my daughter misses her grandad so much, I really can’t wait.

Of course firstly we have to get shopping for another weeks food, so we haven’t all starved come next weekend. It can be seen as another opportunity to get more snacks that I find extremely moorish, and constantly want to indulge myself in, all to then feel disgusted with myself straight afterwards, because I regret eating anything remotely unhealthy as I’m putting on weight (thank you pregnancy).

I always do look forward to a nice roast dinner Sunday afternoon (I mean who doesn’t right?!). Today we have pork…yummy.

I’d love to know what some of you get up to on a Sunday, I know it’s a lot different to how things used to be. I hope you all have an amazing day whatever you’re doing.

Take care and stay safe xo

Less mess is best as they say 😂

This is the tidiest my living room floor has ever been since having my daughter.

She got said puzzle out, we put it together, then she decided to pull it apart and leave it strewn across the floor, never to be touch again. (Until mummy tidies it up of course).

Picture highlights

*smashed puzzle box that has been holding on for dear life trying to dodge the bin for as long as I can remember, however I dare throw it away as that leaves me with no home for the puzzle

*puppy dog finally tired out and snoozing on the floor (see 4 paws to the right of the picture)

*little tikes car that was a Christmas present for my daughter that she’s tried to turn into the worlds best art project by using both crayons and pens

Do you get a moment alone?

Whilst sitting here enjoying my morning cup of coffee and watching some stories on my personal Instagram account, a story popped up from Stacey Solomon. I think she’s such a funny and amazing woman, which is why I follow her. Anyway, on her story she spoke about a new campaign that Baby Dove are doing, its called ‘Micro-Moments for Me’.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of this campaign as of yet, it’s aimed at all parents alike, to remind them to look after themselves and to try and take a couple of minutes everyday to yourself. As Stacey says in an interview “it can be something as little as locking yourself in the bathroom for a few extra minutes or finding a good spot in a game of hide and seek”, which both are things I personally have done just to get two minutes of alone time, I guarantee I’m not the only mummy or daddy that’s done these.

I thought I’d talk a little about this campaign because I think it’s such an amazing idea and something that can really help all of us. I will admit I am very guilty of completely losing track of my own self care, it’s really gone downhill. I’ve found it’s one of them things I continuously tell myself I will start again first thing tomorrow morning and I never do, I always find myself stuck in my own little funk, doing the same shit every single day and taking less care of my own well-being.

So maybe it is time to flip the switch and try and turn it around a little bit. Hopefully day by day I can find the time (most probably in the evenings) to indulge in a little me time, I’m really hoping you all can too.

As everyone knows parenting can be extremely stressful on a normal day when we all have routine, but in a pandemic when everything’s shut and you’re indoors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with your little monsters, it can get to the point where you feel like your heads going to explode and there’s a higher possibility you’re going to lose your shit altogether. I feel like that a lot and I know so many can also relate.

The main thing is we’re all doing the best that we possibly can, taking one day at a time and we love our little gremlins more than anything in the whole wide world.

Dove have also released this template for everyone to take part in, to bring us together that bit more and to share how we feel. I’ll post mine and also post a blank one so you can take part too 🙂

Try not to be too hard on yourselves, you’re all so amazing, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You are enough.

If anyone would like a chat or need some support or anything at all, please feel free to email, we’re all in this together. I hope you all have an amazing day. Stay safe. xo

Something new everyday.

My daughter of 2yrs (3 in August) never fails to surprise me, but at the same time she’s constantly surprising me. She’s so intelligent, independent and mischievous, amongst so many different things. Over the last couple of days she’s learnt how to use one of her little chairs from her table set that we keep in the front room, to take in the kitchen and use to stand on to get into the fridge. From there she went on to move the chair round the kitchen. She’s realised by doing this she can get to different items on the countertops, get to the sink to wash her hands and do the washing up and even get to the microwave! She seems to have taken quite a liking to the microwave, I’m thinking it’s maybe because the buttons make little beep sounds every time you push them and also the fact it’s another door she’s able to open and close. Now originally I was fine with letting her have a fiddle around and to learn something else, until Tuesday she worked out what button to press to start the microwave and decided to microwave her dummy! *face palm* luckily it was barely going for a second, before I realised what she’d put in there and whipped it out ASAP. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon and she’s back at the microwave once again, but going one step further. She tried to microwave her TABLET! (At this point I was literally like WTF), luckily however she didn’t press the start button. She popped it in, shut the door, pressed a different button and shouted done, then proceeded to take it out with a massive smile on her face as if she’d cooked something delicious. I know the whole situation isn’t funny and more dangerous, especially with putting anything electrical in the microwave, but for safety reasons I’ve decided to keep the microwave switched off by the wall, until I use it, that way if she does pretend to cook any kind of item in the microwave it will actually be pretend and not for real.

Hope this gave you a little giggle today. If you’ve got any particular, mischievous things that your children have done and would like to share, you can either pop them in the comments underneath this post, or if it’s a longer one, feel free to email me and I’ll feature your story :). Hope everyone has an amazing day today.