Will it work or will it not…. we shall see.

Many, many parents complain that their children (no matter what age) are fussy eaters.

Fussiness with eating can range dramatically for each individual child, from not eating certain veggies, to being so fussy they barely eat anything you cook. Obviously I’m no professional on this subject, in no way do I class myself as a know-it-all, I just go off personal experiences, what I’ve read maybe and what family and friends who also have fussy children have told me.

The reason for this post is because I’ve resorted to trying this…..

I saw a post about this particular book on one of my social media accounts and there were hundreds of comments from fellow mummies. They couldn’t praise this book enough. Their children ranging roughly from my daughters age of 2, right up until 12 ish. There were only a couple of parents this book unfortunately didn’t work for.

Of course nothing works miracles, or over night. Everything takes perseverance and a lot of effort, which I’m so prepared to do if it means getting my daughter to eat.

I remember back when she was a baby, when I started weaning her, she was always eating amazingly. I’m a mum who refuses to serve anything different from us for her, as I prefer her to eat whole hearted, fresh and healthy meals, that are home cooked, instead of constantly eating shit like chicken nuggets, waffles etc. (Not that that’s a bad thing and I’m never one to judge), I’m fine with her having them now and then, but prefer her to eat with us, so she gets all the nutrients and goodness from a home cooked meal.

So when I was weaning her, as I said she was brilliant. She ate anything and everything I gave her, including home made shepherds pie that was packed with veggies, it was one of her absolute favourites, just like ours.

For some reason, now she’s 2-5 years old, everything’s gone so downhill. She will barely eat anything I give her dinner time and the majority of the time I cave in to what she wants, just to make sure she doesn’t go to bed on an empty belly. This can be anything from fruit, yoghurts or even a bowl of cereal or some toast. Just something in her tummy.

However, once seeing the post on this book, I had a good think to myself and concluded that enough is enough. She’ll be 3 in August and is so fussy. I worry every day. So I took it upon myself to order this just give it a shot.

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to read it properly as of yet, due to not having 5 minutes peace LOL, but, my darling little cherub is back to school on Monday, so I’ll definitely be making a start then.

Hopefully given time and being back into a routine, things will get better and she’ll start to eat a lot more and become less fussy.

I’ll definitely be keeping everyone updated. For anyone wanting to also try this book, I ordered it from amazing for roughly £6. I would love to know whether you’re going to try it too/have already tried it, or whether you’ve been through a similar/same situation and I’ve any tips or tricks that actually worked. I would love to hear from you.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, take care and stay safe xo

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