Music to my ears

Yesterday was such an uplifting day.

I had an appointment booked in to see a consultant about my pregnancy due to being high risk.

I was getting myself slightly worked up about it all week and yesterday my anxiety was climbing. After waiting what seemed like forever to be seen because they called me in 25 minutes late, I went into the consultants room with her and took a seat. It couldn’t have gone better.

She was so lovely and understanding, it felt like we were 2 friends having a chat.

Once all the questions were out the way and dealt with ‘family history’, ‘previous pregnancies’ etc, she finished writing my notes down in my book and said “you’re notes are all done, I’ll go get the Doppler so we can listen to babies heart beat and then you can go.” I was over the moon.

It was so unexpected, as I only thought you could have the option to listen to the heart beat at either an ultra sound scan or a midwife appointment. Both of which I listened to my daughters heart beat back in 2018.

Anyhow, I laid on the bed, phone ready in my hand. (I recorded the sound of the heartbeat on my phone, just like I did with my daughters), that way I get to listen whenever I want and also it’s lovely to be able to send the file to family members so they can listen.

It didn’t take the Doppler long to pick up babies heartbeat and I laid there listening, never wanting to stop. My face was aching from the constant smile I had on my face.

It really is music to my ears.

I walked out of the hospital once we were done, feeling so elated and uplifted and because it was such a beautiful day also, the sun felt amazing. So energising and warm on my skin.

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday and have an even better one today.

Take care and stay safe xo

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