My spiritual journey

Something that’s been on my mind a lot this year is my spirituality. I feel I’ve always been quite a deep spirited person, but I’ve never really delved much into it.

When the topic of spirituality comes up amongst conversation, some people may think of pastors/priests, monks, mediums and psychics and maybe people from different religious backgrounds. There’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever, just like there are many many people whom are skeptics and have no regard for anything spiritual, godly, or supernatural and would rather try and find a logical explanation to any weird goings on in order to explain what happened/is happening.

For me personally, I think spirituality can really define someone individually. Their thought process and ways of thinking, understanding more of every day life, having a sense of balance, becoming more accepting maybe and in tune with oneself/nature. There are so many different things that can characterise a person.

I think the reason for me writing this post is as I said above I feel I’ve always been quite a deep spirited person, but I’ve never delved much into it. I want to use this post as a marker for starting my own spiritual journey. I want to become more understanding of not just myself but my life and the direction it’s going in, become stronger willed and more clear headed. Receive closure (hopefully), but that one may not be possible. Become accepting of who I am and what’s happened in the past, also stop living in the past and try to cut out the constant thoughts of ‘what ifs, why’s, hows and what about if I’d have done that instead’. I really want to try and find my true self, really start enjoying everyday without stressing or worrying so much.

Really get on top of my depression and put a lid on my anxiety. I want to feel uplifted, and really enjoy every day, no matter what happens.

Has anyone else started a spiritual journey or is anyone just very spiritual? I’d love to know and connect with you.

I hope you all have an amazing Monday, take care and stay safe xo

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