Easy like Sunday morning…

Miracles do happen 😂 my daughter decided to sleep in later this morning and let mummy and daddy have a lay in until 7:45, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world!

Still not exactly the smoothest of mornings. Dear daughter wanted a chocolate bar, of which we have 0 because daddy decided to eat them all. Cue breakdown for however long….. now she’s standing on her chair in the kitchen, watching her tablet and finishing off a box of Mint Matchmakers. She’s happy and so it gives me 5 minutes quiet time to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. She still always has something proper for breakfast, so that’s why I allow her a snack now and then.

Sunday’s I always feel less motivated to do anything, however I will be getting my arse in gear today. We’re visiting my dad today (obviously social distanced). I haven’t seen him in so long and my daughter misses her grandad so much, I really can’t wait.

Of course firstly we have to get shopping for another weeks food, so we haven’t all starved come next weekend. It can be seen as another opportunity to get more snacks that I find extremely moorish, and constantly want to indulge myself in, all to then feel disgusted with myself straight afterwards, because I regret eating anything remotely unhealthy as I’m putting on weight (thank you pregnancy).

I always do look forward to a nice roast dinner Sunday afternoon (I mean who doesn’t right?!). Today we have pork…yummy.

I’d love to know what some of you get up to on a Sunday, I know it’s a lot different to how things used to be. I hope you all have an amazing day whatever you’re doing.

Take care and stay safe xo

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