Something new everyday.

My daughter of 2yrs (3 in August) never fails to surprise me, but at the same time she’s constantly surprising me. She’s so intelligent, independent and mischievous, amongst so many different things. Over the last couple of days she’s learnt how to use one of her little chairs from her table set that we keep in the front room, to take in the kitchen and use to stand on to get into the fridge. From there she went on to move the chair round the kitchen. She’s realised by doing this she can get to different items on the countertops, get to the sink to wash her hands and do the washing up and even get to the microwave! She seems to have taken quite a liking to the microwave, I’m thinking it’s maybe because the buttons make little beep sounds every time you push them and also the fact it’s another door she’s able to open and close. Now originally I was fine with letting her have a fiddle around and to learn something else, until Tuesday she worked out what button to press to start the microwave and decided to microwave her dummy! *face palm* luckily it was barely going for a second, before I realised what she’d put in there and whipped it out ASAP. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon and she’s back at the microwave once again, but going one step further. She tried to microwave her TABLET! (At this point I was literally like WTF), luckily however she didn’t press the start button. She popped it in, shut the door, pressed a different button and shouted done, then proceeded to take it out with a massive smile on her face as if she’d cooked something delicious. I know the whole situation isn’t funny and more dangerous, especially with putting anything electrical in the microwave, but for safety reasons I’ve decided to keep the microwave switched off by the wall, until I use it, that way if she does pretend to cook any kind of item in the microwave it will actually be pretend and not for real.

Hope this gave you a little giggle today. If you’ve got any particular, mischievous things that your children have done and would like to share, you can either pop them in the comments underneath this post, or if it’s a longer one, feel free to email me and I’ll feature your story :). Hope everyone has an amazing day today.

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